101 Drinking Games

Publisher: SnowyTracks
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#1 Drinking Game app! To help you get smashed!!! Best app to help you get pissed (with over 250 drinking games and 4 games playable in app) perfect for parties and LAD piss ups!!! - Contains over 250 drinking games with many more coming soon - Play the drinking games in the app, so no need to have card or dice with you! - Network permissions required for Adverts. - Contains a short list of cocktails to help you get drunk! - In app play drinking games include fubar, ring of fire / kings, higher or lower and red or black with many more coming soon. - Games include: 4 Kings, Ace of Spades, Across the bridge, Anchor Man, Centurion, Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, Kings, clocks, connection, Drink uno, Drinkopoly, Drown the clown, Flip pong, Flip, sip or strip, go fish, happy hour, Jacks, Sniper, Fubar and many many more. - Card and Coin games - Biggest collection of games on the market place of any free or paid app! - perfect for student parties, pre-drinking, birthday parties and a stag do. - Share what games your playing on facebook ** If you can't handle your drink or are driving, drink sensibly :) - Tags: drinking, beer, drink, cards, bar, game, games, party, card game, drinking game, dice, quarters, coins, shots, college games, university drinking, student games, pissheads, NFL drinking games, superbowl, super bowl games

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