100 Traveller Success Phrases

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App 100 Success Phrases for Business Travellers – learned quickly & effectively. ***** News ***** * Now with Android's Text2Speech in learn mode * Key in your own content directly via your phone. * Import own content from Google Docs. *********************** Travel in a more relaxed way thanks to the valuable tips by Mike Seymour and 30 other frequent flyers. Check out the magic phrase to catch a flight in the last minutes. More features: * Statistics of your learn progress * Key in your own content directly via your phone. * Import content from Google Docs. Develop your individual content with the free of charge Office Suite Google Docs (docs.google.com) and import them all onto this app. All you need for Google Docs is a browser with Internet connection and a Google account. Google Spreadsheet import requires the following permissions: * Manage account list: To access the Google accounts on the phone * Use of an account authentication information: For registration in the Google Docs server * Network communications and the Internet: To access the Google Docs server KW: vocable, vocabulary, learn, travel, business, trainer, cue card, flashcard

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