1 Sale A Day

Publisher: Gabe Brandao
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The internet's best daily deals! You got twenty four hours, shop now! This application is a client to the popular 1 Sale A Day website. It uses the public Rss Feed. Download the unlocker to remove advertisement. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please Note: The daily Flash Sale deals are excluded from the public RSS Feed, I'm working on a workaround but as of now the Flash Sale tab will only link you to the website. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please Note: I CANNOT respond to comments in the Android Market. Please send me an email about any bugs, suggestions, issues, questions, or any other relevant information. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------ ★ Like this app? Please support me by either, clicking an ad when you see one interesting, donations! (Menu -> Settings -> About -> Donate :D), or leaving a good rating/comment. Thanks! ★ ------------------------------------------------------------ PERMISSIONS: INTERNET- Used to get information about the daily deals from 1 sale a day. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Used to handle errors when the device is not connected to an internet source. VIBRATE - Used for haptic feedback on events such as button clicks. ------------------------------------------------------------

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