33rd Degree Conference

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Official Mobile App for the 33rd Degree Conference - Warsaw - PL http://2013.33degree.org/ Top quality Rock Star speakers. Meet and learn from 1200 participants. Only great talks. No sponsored fluff. Whole 3 days packed with Java technology. BOF sessions at the evenings allows more informal discussions. 3 hours long workshops included in price. Additional trainings lead by World Class trainers. Biggest Java developers' party. 33rd Degree Developers conference App is powered by JenkinsMobi 4.3 Main features are: - Explore conference content: talks, training and speakers - Browse conference schedule - Download (in background) all the info (or news / differences) for off-line browsing - Get live Twitter news - Tap on the top-right icon to switch between ON-LINE and OFF-LINE mode And even more ... - Access 33rd Degree Developers WebSite, optimised for Mobile View - Get live updates on JenkinsMobi 4.3

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