Candy Crush Jewels

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Would you like a good challenge? If so I encourage you to play this! With super simple gameplay, intuitive controls, awesome combo system and gorgeous graphics this will keep you entertained for hours. You can choose between two game modes: Time Trial - You have 60 seconds to get as much score as possible, you can extend the time by completing the current stage. Casual - You get 25 moves to start with, and everytime you clear a stage you regain 25 moves, no time pressure - but you'll need to make some smart moves to get the higher scores. Features: ♦ Combo System - match 4 or more candies for powerful chain effects ♦ Amazing HD Graphics ♦ Global Rankings, one leaderboard for each mode ♦ Infinite gameplay, play however much you'd like, completely free! ♦ Hints - If you get stuck the game will automatically help you out ♦ Two modes: Time trial and Casual ♦ Awesome sound effects and music ♦ Tons of candy and jewels How to play Candy & Jewels: Simply drag your finger from one candy to an adjacent one to swap their positions. The goal is to get at least 3 of the same color in a line, either vertically or horizontally. The music used in is called Wallpaper and was created by Kevin MacLeod ( Sound effects were developed by

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