(New)AquaSlot2 ★ Slots

Publisher: james@gameboys.co.kr
ClubCoins Needed: 51 Please note that this item is not available on your device. You may add the item to your Wish list and redeem from a compatible device.


★ Full version is free charging of unlimited. ★ Enjoy! 135 machines, indicate, Double Stage Mission, Jackpot, Seven Bingo, Running, Etc. ★ Gold Ticket Events : Each week free"5 Gold Ticket"(Check! Ranking page) : Running events (cross-Seven / 2 ticket) ★ Seven Bingo Events : Bingo Bonus Money(30,000 ~ 450,000point) Offer ★ Fantastic animation and perfect combination! : You can enjoy the numerous animation. ★ Double Stage (X2 ~ X5 Stage) : After the Chip event, Double Stage Play! ★ Extend the fun of Room1(80) ~ Room15(1200) : Enjoy! total of 135 machines to 1200 betting(max) : Choose machine(9) in different backgrounds. ★ Add tension Stingray occurs. : Amazing fun and suspenseful up! : Imply(?), And continuous! Clang! Clang! yay~ Stingray! ★ Sexy mermaid 10 appear and, Sexy gallery provided! : Enjoy the Mermaid strip(Double up games). : Provide a separate gallery. ★ Step-by-step mission and running events. : Complete the mission, up to 2,000,000 game money. : Running is changes every 5 minutes. ★ Absolute is Not bored! : Jackpot events, key events, bell event, chips events, double chip events Etc. ★ Take a chance to the hold Buttons. : Using the hold button(Running, key events, chip event, bell event Etc.) ★ Smart Spin : Press the spin button. ★ Completed the update. : Smart Spin(Auto Spin) : Global Ranking, Friends Ranking ★ Thank you.

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Additional Information
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