(Free)Crazy Cable Car

Publisher: monkeysh@gmail.com
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Every one has several leisure hours in a day to enjoy a relaxing moment. “Crazy Cable Car”, which has a fresh and simple style and is like the spice of time, will make you feel the best of the day. Easy-to-use super-cute cartoon casual game with relaxing music is easy to play, and will accompany you to drive magic cable car to conquer the world. Illustration is applied to the game scene which has both abundant colors and subtle algorithm. The angle of track, move of NPC, and gravity force of cable car will affect your driving speed, so you need to use your head and wisdom to dodge NPC and protect the three passengers until they get to the destination. The game will automatically store the last level you play. It is definitely your choice for entertainment. Be quick and come to experience the charm of “Crazy Cable Car”!

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Additional Information
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