Spyware & Malware Detector

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**New App!** Spyware & Adware Detector is a new advanced scanning engine that can detect many adware and spyware threats that most anti-virus do not notice. This DOES NOT rely on known signatures to detect malware and spyware. This can detect many threats that have not been found yet. You should use this in combination with a good anti-virus scanner. Scans For: * 50+ known spyware apps * Apps with hidden icons * Apps with secret dialer launchers * 10+ Adware companies (Like Airpush) * Apps with apps packaged inside it * Apps that package dangerous scripts * Apps that package common rootkits * Apps hiding renamed executables * Apps that match spyware profiles * Scans internal structure This app is suited for both normal and power users. For power users, see the features below: * Directly view an app's manifest in plain text * Examine an app's internal classes, methods, variables * View permission level, install location, and more * Browse through all activities, receivers, and services * Uninstall or Kill the process on the spot * View new apps installed since last opened Are you suspicious of an app on your phone? Scan it with Spyware & Adware Detector! We'll give you a summary of dangerous permissions and features. Then you can dig deeper, and examine the insides of the app for suspicious sounding classes or methods. Take back control of your privacy! Try a free scan now! Keywords: spyware detector, spy detector, malware scanner, anti virus, phone, scan, adware, ads, airpush, mobclix

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