Minecraft Simulator

Forlægger: methodmobilestudios@gmail.com
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Minecraft Simulator Beta. This app was designed to bring a fully functional Minecraft environment to the 2d world. With a couple tweaks from us of course. It currently has some bugs and much more development will be done. We were debating releasing this a little later but in the end we voted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible. Now you can watch the app grow as we add features new functionalities. Make sure you check back regularly for updates. Features - Spawn Blocks, Build Stuff, Your only limits are your device and mind. - Save and load up too ten different worlds!!!. - Make snow golems just like in Minecraft. - Explode mobs with tnt and watch them turn into a mess. - Create chain reactions with tnt and redstone torches. - Make trees from saplings. - Mobs move. - Chickens lay eggs. - Set burnable objects on fire and watch it spread. - Version 2.1.2 - Added all wool blocks. ;) - Mobs now explode into what they are made of. Example Pigs will explode into raw pork, chickens into raw chicken, etc. - Improved the way dynamic objects interact with the explosive forces of tnt. - Version 1.7 - Fixed Sand - Added Nether Quartz Version 1.6 - Added Mob Breeding. (Cows and Pigs) - Collision Filters for all objects.(example, carrots will collide with pigs but nothing else. Mobs will not collide with mobs. etc.) - Added Sandstone. - Added Smooth Sandstone. - Added Nether Brick. - Added Carrots. - Added Wheat. - Added Spawn-able eggs. - Handled more device resolutions. - Mobs now spawn in random directions. -Trees spawn at random heights 2 to 5 blocks tall.

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